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LaserMicronics - Micromachining Services

Your partner for laser processing of printed circuit boards, plastics and stainless steel

LaserMicronics specializes in laser processing of a wide range of materials. The range of services extends from prototype production to series production - comprehensive consulting and feasibility studies are also included. The laser specialists at the two sites in Garbsen and Fürth use high-quality, state-of-the-art laser technology.

Laser Plastic Welding

Non-contact laser welding process for the industrial, medical and automotive sectors.

Cutting of printed circuit boards
Laser cutting

Cutting printed circuit boards with the UV laser

Microvia drilling
Laser drilling

Production of microvia holes from 50 µm.

Micromachining of ceramics

Cutting, drilling, scoring, engraving and inscribing ceramics.

Cutting of micro parts

Module-precise cutting parts with a thickness of up to 4 mm from sheet metal.

TCO / ITO laser processing
TCO / ITO laser processing

Creating ultra-fine insulation on invisible TCO layers.

Printed circuit boards repair
Printed circuit boards repair

Remove solder resist and masking films, reduce scrap circuit boards.

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