LaserMicronics Services

Cutting of Microparts

LaserMicronics Services

Cutting of Microparts

Laser Cutting of Microparts

Cut any shape cleanly and smoothly with laser light

With modern lasers, highly precise microparts can be cut with a thickness of up to 4 mm from commercially available sheet metal.

Laser Metal Cutting at LaserMicronics: We process stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, and titanium with an outstanding repeat accuracy of ±2 µm and radii of 10 µm. The laser process does away with the need for fabrication of additional tools.

Advantages of Laser Cutting of Microparts

  • Flexible: Contour cutting right from the layout data, any contours and cutouts possible
  • Precise: High edge squareness with no rework required
  • Reliable: No thermal or mechanical effects on cut microparts
  • Cost-effective: For low and high part volumes
  • Constant quality: High repeat accuracy
  • Inexpensive: No tooling costs, no unnecessary process costs
  • Versatile: Parameters for a broad range of materials available

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