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Laser Cutting

LaserMicronics Services

Laser Cutting

LaserMicronics Services

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Diverse PCB Materials

Fast and precise machining - contact-free and gentle on all materials

As a service provider for laser cutting in contract manufacturing, we have been operating successfully since 1989. We cut printed circuit boards and circuit boards from various materials efficiently, cleanly and cost-effectively.

Processing of Circuit Boards With UV or USP Lasers

The ultraviolet (UV) laser or the ultrashort-pulse (USP) laser is a universal tool for processing of materials. The precisely focused laser beam produces ultrafine, clean contours in a wide variety of materials and circuit board types:

  • Multilayers
  • Flexible circuit boards
  • Rigid-flex boards
  • Thin rigid substrates
  • Tab-routed panels
  • HF materials
  • Composite materials


Innovative Laser Cutting Processes and Technologies

Cutting Through Multiple Layers

The focused laser beam reliably cuts through all layers in one or several passes and can be set to defined depths. It is suitable, e.g., for separating rigid and flexible circuit board components in multilayers or for cutting films made of thin and sensitive materials.

Material-Friendly, Noncontact Material Processing

The unpopulated materials to be processed are held in place by a vacuum table without the use of clamping tools. Due to the noncontact nature of the processing, there is no warpage, even in thin materials – this gives the process a clear advantage over milling or punching.

ESD-Compatible Carrier System

For circuit card assemblies (assembled circuit boards), an ESD-compatible carrier system that securely holds the individual panels in place during and after singulation is used. The parts are additionally protected against unintentional damage. All carriers are designed by our specialists and manufactured in-house.

No Burring

The UV/USP laser used vaporizes the material that is struck, so no burr forms. The minimal heat-affected zone prevents delamination of the material composites.

CleanCut Process

For meeting especially high demands, the so-called CleanCut process is used with a USP laser. This process guarantees the highest edge quality without smoke residues or particle buildup.
The results of laser cutting are precise, nearly radius-free contours. The cut edges are smooth, vertical, and clean – even with the most complex of geometries. The process ensures maximum dimensional stability, edge quality, and throughput.


Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation
  • Cutting of extremely fine contours and practically radius-free inner edges
  • Minimal thermal effects, i.e., no delamination
  • Laser cutting of various material thicknesses and combinations in a single operation
  • Singulation of assembled circuit boards
  • No clamping device or protective cover necessary
  • Maximum board utilization because no space has to be kept free for cutting channels


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