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Structuring of TCO/ITO Layers With the UV Laser

Finest insulation on invisible layers

Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) are electrically conducting materials that are applied in thin layers to transparent substrate materials. ITO layers are especially common. They can be structured very selectively with the UV laser.

Material-Friendly Laser Structuring of ITO Layers

ITO is a conductive material that is transparent in the visible wavelength range. It is applied in layer thicknesses ranging from a few tens of nanometers to a few hundreds of nanometers on glass or plastic films. The most commonly used process is sputtering. LaserMicronics does not offer coating services.

Most areas of application require structuring as a prerequisite. UV laser technology is the first choice for this too. Here, LaserMicronics uses a process that creates completely invisible insulation channels on the substrate surfaces by means of UV laser radiation.

Through the very high absorption of the UV laser radiation used, the ITO layer can be removed without the substrate material being damaged in the process. The laser generates extremely fine, invisible insulation channels less than 50 µm in width.

Applications for laser-structured TCO/ITO substrates are manifold and range from generation of conductive traces for display technology and sensors through thermal applications all the way to laboratory equipment and medical technology applications.

Do you require TCO/ITO structuring support? We can help you find the solution for your individual requirements!

Advantages of Laser Structuring of TCO/ITO Layers

  • Absolutely invisible structuring of transparent ITO coatings
  • No damage to the substrate material
  • Flexibility: Layout can be changed at any time
  • Structuring directly from CAD data
  • Reduction of technological steps (no resist application, no etching)
  • Ultrafine structures with <50 µm traces/spaces possible
  • High positioning accuracy through registration of fiducial marks or other visible marks


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