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Repair & Rework
of Circuit Boards

Repair an Rework of Circuit Boards

Gentle & Clean with UV laser technology

Do you have circuit boards that cannot be used due to process defects or design modifications? Contact us! With the UV laser, we can repair them quickly and at low cost. Along with the cost savings, the yield and the delivery lead time for your customer can be substantially improved through targeted circuit board repairs – especially for complex and expensive multilayer boards

Repair and Rework of Circuit Boards with UV Laser

Ablation of solder resist, coverlay, or pastes with UV laser technology

  • Subsequent solder mask opening for pads
  • Ablation of coverlay layers over large copper areas
  • Cleaning of throughplating holes

The UV laser is characterized by high peak pulse powers due to the short pulse lengths. It vaporizes the dielectrics, coatings, films, and adhesives without damaging the copper base. The result is clean surfaces that are ready for postprocessing without requiring any further cleaning.

Separation of Traces With UV Laser Technology

  • Separation of copper traces with no damage to the underlying insulation layer – even on inner layers
  • Ablation of large copper areas

Do you need to repair or rework circuit boards? We can help you find the solution for your individual requirements!

Advantages of PCB Repair with UV laser Technology

  • Clean copper surfaces and cutting edges
  • Selective material processing; the base copper is not damaged
  • Processing of assembled printed circuit boards possible
  • Contact-free material processing - no mechanical stress on material and components
  • Low, localized thermal influence - therefore no material distortion
  • No protective cover necessary
  • High precision and positional accuracy of the cut edges through automatic registration
  • High flexibility
  • Fast and cost-effective



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